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How to succeed in MDS? What team and resources do I need in place? How do I build it without blowing my cost? How can I make sure I find the right people? What happens to my current team and structure?

These are questions any company in our industry is thinking about today. While there is no single answer, our experience in working with many of you in MDS Development helped us to understand some Critical Success Factors:

  • It is important to understand the customer engagement model and the roles and processes needed to successfully sell and deliver MDS services. This is the Plan, Build, Run phases. Looking at a mature organisation like the one below helps.
  • Yes, some people can carry more than one hat. It happens to all of us and is necessary when you want to transform without blowing your cost. However, there are two risks you need to consider:

1- a one man show does not work, your credibility in front of customers suffer when the same guy acts as sales, auditor, architect, implementer and technical support. What does it say about your company?

2- A person carrying multiple roles may not be good (as in really good) at any of them.

  • During the transformation, it is important to partner for those services you cannot provide in-house, and for testing/improving the quality of those you do. This is where the collaboration where Ricoh MDS plays a vital role for success.
  • Try to make your transformation self-funded. This means it all starts with commercial activities in coordination with your Strategic Account Manager and supported by our MDS resources. Have a roadmap for adding new resources and use every deal to strengthen the team. We can help with Job Descriptions and during the recruitment process.
  • Make sure you address all areas of the company, not just the MDS team. Your current Service and Sales teams will have to radically change the way they work today and this will force you to make changes.

Transformation will affect your image, communication, culture, systems, metrics and compensation.

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